We started a new referral service free of charge to our customers, trainees and sponsors. Even you can give a better coaching to your emplyees, click reference to know more. We encourage business owners and corporate HR managers to send us requests for hiring design professionals with CAD and BIM skills, A great choice for giving flexible employee benefits. Robotech provides CAD and BIM training at various expertise levels for over two decades and will be happy to refer students and CAD/BIM professionals free of charge.

if you are If you are currently unemployed or collecting un-employment benefits, and reside in the State of New Jersey, check if you are qualified for NJ state funding for CAD and BIM training to unemployed. Capability Jane, a flexible working recruitment agency recommend speaking to your employer about part time, flexi hours for a great work-life balance.

  • If you are an employer, hiring a new CAD or BIM professional – please send your requirements to
    If you are a CAD or BIM professional, seeking employment and received training from Robotech’s Autodesk Training Center (ATC) 

Please only inquire via email: